Winds of Freedom Foundation Radio Show & Symphonic Music Podcasts with Alex Ayzin, Founder & Creator of the Winds of Freedom Symphonic Multimedia Presentation, 7 Podcasts Edited; Sound Cloud Channel Created & Maintained by E.B. GO Vision Media

E.B. GO Vision Media has been working closely with Winds of Freedom Foundation creator, Alex Ayzin, in the re-branding, which included building a new website, of his message of encouraging people worldwide to join peace movements through the showing his Winds of Freedom Symphonic Multimedia Presentation. The Winds of Freedom Foundation Sound Cloud Channel has Alex Ayzin on the radio talking about the WOF Symphony, his life in and escape from the Soviet Union, the inspiration for the symphonies he created and audio files of both the symphonies he conceived of and helped create, Concerto for Astronauts & Winds of Freedom. 

In response to the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown in 1986, in his Ukrainian homeland, and the years leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a country whom his family served for three generations in the Soviet Navy, Azyin conceived of and helped create Winds of Freedom, a full-length symphony written by classically trained Russian composer Emilian Sichkin. The updated multimedia event is truly inspirational and, in our tumultuous times, needs to be viewed by millions worldwide; 31 Podcasts (7 Radio Show Podcasts, 24 Music Podcasts), 3 Playlists, 557 Plays, 2 Downloads (Music podcasts not downloadable).