Vassula Ryden Heaven is Real Book Tour E.B. GO Radio Show Video Playlist with 22 Videos Talking About Her Religious Experiences, Relationship with God, Our World Today & Book, Heaven is Real,But So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come

During the Vassula Ryden Heaven is Real Book PR Campaign, involving a number PR firms, E.B. GO requested copies of all radio show files and edited the audio files for cleaning and broke them down into targeted subject based podcasts for uploading to the Heaven is Real Sound Cloud Channel, created and maintained by E.B. GO Vision Media. Then the podcasts, 22 in all, were edited into E.B. GO-Heaven is Real Radio Show Videos using pictures, graphics and video clips to highlight the conversation. 

The edited radio podcasts and Radio Show Videos were then employed in various methods of Internet PR during the book campaign and afterwards to promote Vassula Ryden’s organization, True Life in God. This extra work, unique amongst the other firms, garnered E.B. GO an invitation to help document Vassula Ryden’s True Life in God Holy Land Pilgrimage, with 700 Christians from around the world visiting the most Holy Christians Sites in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Galilee

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22Daniel and VassulaVassula Ryden has seen the supernatural world, experienced the hidden forces that affect every moment of our lives, and regularly hears direct prophetic messages in prayer that help her put these images in context for others. In her new book, Heaven is Real, But So is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of What is to Come, Ryden shares details regarding her God-given prophecies to help address long-asked questions about the meaning of life, what Heaven and hell are like, the character of God and the End of Times.

Pope-Benedict-receives-the-complete-TLIG-messages-2008-“The answers to many of life’s questions can only be discovered by seeing them from a different perspective, like turning over the backside of a tapestry to see how all the tangled threads create an elegant image,” said Ryden. “And, from my earliest days, mystical experiences have enabled me to see from that perspective.”

In Heaven is Real, But So is Hell, Ryden
shares insights about life’s questions, including:
Where do people go when they die?
—Are we living in the last days?
—Does everything happen for a reason?
—Is there a heaven and hell?
Can dreams or premonitions tell us the future?
—What is God like?
—What is hell like?

Ryden’s experiences with the supernatural world began when she was a young child. At that time she didn’t know quite what to make of her ability to see visions of those who had died, or dreams about things to come, but in late 1985 she was seized by a vision of God asking her to become a messenger to share important messages for our times.

Image snapshot of Vassula Ryden on Fox New 32 in Chicago promoting Heaven is Real, But so is Hell.
Vassula on Fox News, Chicago

Since that time she has heard “locutions” from God the Father, Jesus Christ and her guardian angel. She was given visions of Heaven and ell. In the vision of Hell she heard the devil threatening to lead this generation to destruction.

“If you met me on the street, you would never suspect this,” admits Ryden. “I look and act much like everyone else. I’m not a nun or a recluse or a gypsy fortune teller. I’m just like you, yet I see a worlda dimension—far beyond you and me.”

In the book, Heaven is Real, But So is Hell, Ryden begins by detailing her background of growing up in Egypt and the events of her childhood, which foreshadow the revelations that would take place later in life. She describes how she receives the “locutions” in a special handwriting, which is only possible for her to use when receiving spiritual messages.

224The book primarily focuses on the messages she has received, what they meant to her and what they mean for the world today. In addition, she shares about the fight between good and evil that happens around us every day.

Ryden has received messages about the future, The Day of the Lord, and has even had premonitions about events such as September 11, 2001; the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004; and the fall of Communism in the former Soviet Union. Still it is not a message of doom, which Ryden believes she is to share, but one of redemption, reconciliation and love. Ryden’s specific call from Christ is to help unite the divided branches of the Christian church according to His guidance.

Ryden was born in 1942 to Greek parents and grew up in Egypt until her teen years, when her family moved to Switzerland due to war and unrest. She now resides in Greece with her husband, but has lived throughout the world due to her husband’s consulting work with the government, including countries in Africa and in Southeast Asia. Ryden has two sons.

Since the messages of True Life in God were first published in book form in 1991, Ryden has witnessed to hundreds of thousands of people in 79 countries over the last 27 years.