Sammy Davis, Jr. Podcasts with Arthur Silber, Jr., Author of Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow, 8 Podcasts Edited; Sound Cloud Channel Created & Maintained by E.B. GO Vision Media

There is one person who knows more about Sammy Davis, Jr. than anyone else, one person who was closer to him than anyone in his life, that man is Arthur Silber, Jr., author of Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow. Sammy and Arthur were like brothers when Sammy went from a player in the Will Maston Trio in the early 1950’s to international superstar in the 1960’s and show biz icon in the 1970’s.

For 25 years they were best friends, confidants, business partners and brothers in breaking down color barriers before the major civil rights movement in the mid-1960’s. On this Sammy Davis, Jr. Sound Cloud Channel, Arthur Silber, Jr. talks about the various aspects of his life with Sammy, the legacy of the entertainment icon, his hopes, dreams and failures, and how Sammy fought his whole life to be treated fairly and how his talent was truly awesome; 8 Podcasts, 1 Playlist, 918 Plays, 52 Downloads.