Proposed Youth Education Project
A Multi-Tiered Curricula Involving Technology, Journalistic Writing,
Producing a Radio Show, Research, Media Skills & Audio Editing

Image link to Expert Click Radio Account for generating Internet News Releases.Student Based Expert Click Account for Internet News Releases 
This will give students the ability to generate one news release per day on topics related to their local efforts or other stories. They will learn to write objective, journalistic pieces ranging from 800 to 1,000 words and generate them through the EC system and tracking them on to Google News and searching the Internet for Third-Party Websites pickups.

This offers the challenge of finding angles of interest, acquiring the necessary info, learning to write in a manner that establishes the premise and closes the circle in conclusion. Students will develop writing skills that emphasize a compact, objective, info based style which brings home a key message. They will have to select an image and edit it into proper formatting, so they can get some photo editing experience as well.  
Example of Expert Click Radio News Release…
An Example of a Save Ocean Life News Release

A Student Created Radio Show Thru Blog Talk Radio 
Students will create their own radio show and set about setting up the necessary technical platform, book the guests, research the topics and craft the questions for an entertaining and informative show.

They will need to develop conversational skills required to keep the interaction flowing between host and guest and think on their feet should glitches arise, technical or otherwise. This is good training for thinking on the fly in stressful situations and students will, in addition, learn from the various guests. 

Image snapshot link the Save Ocean Life Sound Cloud Channel. A Student Radio Show Sound Cloud Channel for Edited Radio Show Podcasts 
This will allow students to take the previous steps to a different level with the audio editing and writing skills involved. After downloading a full-length student produced radio show from the archives at Blog Talk Radio, they will edit the audio file for cleaning and breaking down into subject based radio show podcasts. They will learn the audio editing software and get insight into how conversations flow as they eliminate unnecessary words and expressions while keeping the conservation “sounding good.” They will have to discern break points when a segment can be isolated for creation into a “subject based radio show podcast.”

Writing from a Different Perspective: Students will then circle back and write a news story around one or a series of podcasts for use as an Internet News Release, thus requiring them to think in a different manner by having to write an engaging story on subject based radio show podcasts.

Examples of individual Save Ocean Life podcasts and a Playlist: