Banner image to the Princess Red & Mickey You Tube Channel by E.B. GO Vision Media. Princess Red & Mickey Show by E.B. GO Vision Media with Edited Videos & Photo Galleries from Massive Digital Archives 

E.B. GO Vision Media has been under contract to help document, organize, edit, showcase and archive the lives of Princess Red and Mickey in video and still pictures since their births in June 2008 and May 2010 respectively. This has resulted in a massive archive with hundreds of hours of raw video and thousands of high-quality photographs representing much of their young lives.

In this era of unlimited and affordable digital storage, it pays to just shoot, shoot and shoot and then just keep piling the material into organized archives. Keeping it organized right out of the gate is key, because plowing back and trying to find what was shot when can be a frustrating process.   

Enlargeable iconic photo E.B. GO logo of Mickey on his first birthday; the photo is a classic case of the proper framing with the sunlight high above highlighting his blonde hair and his blue eyes popping out from the flash. Enlargeable iconic photo of E.B. GO Vision Media logo of a picture of Princess Red at eight-months hold taken on Valentine's Day 2009 with massive blue eyes framed by a purple knit cap.

Enlargeable snapshot of Ventura County Sta news page with Princess Red photo featured in her Valentine's Day picture with big blue eyes.