Enlargeable iconic photo of E.B. GO Vision Media logo of a picture of Princess Red at eight-months hold taken on Valentine's Day 2009 with massive blue eyes.Princess Red Hits American Girl Store as 1-Year Old & Victoria’s Secret as a 2-Year Old
In two videos below a funny and precocious Princess Red hits the American Girl Store and Victoria’s Secret. Each video is put to music and it really is rather amusing when, as a young toddler, she explores the various aspects of each store and drives the agenda while the camera followers her around. A chubby little one-year, Princess Red wanders barefoot through the American Girl Store, getting attention from other customers because she has just begun to walk and has to keep moving forward to keep from falling down. At Victoria’s Secret, set to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky and other music, the agenda is more shopping oriented as the products are just as interesting as this new experience for her. 

1-Year Old Princess Red Hits the American Girl Store set to some whimsical music
as she motors around the store getting attention and checking things out

2-Year Old Princess Red Hits Victoria’s Secret set to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
by Tchaikovsky and some fun music to accompany her adventures in shopping