Equinox Profile of Monica Diederich, Pilates Instructor & Manager, by E.B. GO Vision Media: The Equinox Fitness Clubs are in a class by themselves in terms of providing an environment of allowing members to get the most of out the training experience, and this starts with the Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers who transmit their knowledge, experience and expertise in a manner which translates into positive results. This is one in a series on Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers in the Southern California area.  

A Life Changed Thru Pilates Can Be a Life Saved: Monica Diederich, Instructor, Offers Clients Dedication, Precision, Free Will

In the course of saving lives there are many roads to the Promised Land, as Monica DiederichPilates Instructor and Manager for Equinox Fitness, hinted at during a brief conversation we had about her work. She discovered Pilates as a college student and, since it proved so profoundly beneficial and life changing, Monica took up the baton and began the process of becoming a certified instructor before and after moving to Los Angeles in 2010. This declaration was in response to a question and, in many ways, it reflects the precision and dedicated manner in which she treats her clients, a manner which demands the work be done and depends on the client realizing how Pilates is changing their life, and it will.   

Pilates Instructor at Equinox in Marina Del Rey for five years, and Pilates Mgr. for two, this rather striking blonde haired, green eyed Midwesterner speaks in matter of fact terms that nonetheless resonate with a deep, caring commitment for those requiring her expertise. When asked about the clients, her face lights up and with a beaming smile she proclaims, “They are awesome, I love my clients.” An inquiry about whether she considers herself a healer elicits a humble response, Monica looks down and demurs that she knows her work is important to helping people.  

Photo of front entrance to Equinox in Marina Del Rey, California.
Equinox, Marina Del Rey

While also overseeing the Pilates operations of two other L.A. area Equinox Clubs, Marina Del Rey is “her baby” and she sees about 25 people weekly for one-on-one Pilates sessions. Germanic minds like precision and order and so Monica’s approach to healing is straight forward, taciturn and successful enough to have clients she has worked with for five years, the latter fact speaking volumes all by itself. Watching her work with clients one sees no wasted movement, no misused energy, only a determined focus on the task at hand, taking care of the “pebble in the shoe” as it were.  

Putting a price on good health is impossible, and being able to alleviate pain and suffering caused by an accident, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic dispositions or an injury is totally priceless. That is what Monica Diederich does, personally and by proxy through those that work with her, for her and learn under the careful tutelage she provides at Equinox Fitness

Pilates is a singularly amazing form of exercise, as this reporter discovered just two months ago, that “makes everything else better.” Early in life Monica Diederich found her lodestone and with it a mission, and now her expertise, knowledge and love are rippling across the landscape not only changing lives but, more than likely, saving them as well. When the breaks aren’t falling your way, Hope is a precious thing, maybe the most precious, and here is someone answering the Prayers of Hope with a Healing Force All Her Own.