Enlargeable iconic photo E.B. GO logo of Mickey on his first birthday; the photo is a classic case of the proper framing with the sunlight high above highlighting his blonde hair and his blue eyes popping out from the flash. Mickey First Year E.B. GO Video Playlist with Ultrasounds, Birth, Hospital Visit from Princess Red, Funny First Months + E.B. GO Photo Gallery

On this page are two modes modes of expression about Mickey’s first year of life. In the video playlist are the ultrasounds, birth and visits from his big sister in the hospital. When she first saw her baby brother, her Mom told her, “Here is your new baby,” and the two-year Princess Red lit up with wonder as she gently touched his little fingers with eyes filled with new love. Mickey also turned into a terrific subject for photos and videos as he smiled and laughed all the time. The E.B. GO logo picture on the left was taken on Mickey’s first birthday and is nice indicator of good framing as the sunlight is shining off his blonde hair from behind as his blue eyes pop out of the picture.  

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