Main Links Page to Save Ocean Life Global High Seas Marine Preserve Foundation Based on Danny Quintana’s Book Space & Ocean Exploration:
The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex

Website Designed & PR Campaign Created by E.B. GO Vision Media

E. B. GO Vision Media is Director of Marketing, PR Firm of Record, Website Designer and more for Danny Quintana’s Save Ocean Life Global High Seas Marine Preserve Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit with a mission to save oceans and marine life by banning industrial fishing in international waters thru creation of a Global High Seas Marine Preserve. The founding of the GHSMP came from the publication of Quintana’s latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex, which was written as an economic thesis on the U.S. Defense Budget and federal military contractors. Industrial fishing, pollution and rising ocean temperatures have put marine life from all levels of the food chain under severe pressure.  

E.B. GO Vision Media has been involved with this project from the beginning and designed the book cover, built and designed the website, established all the online content and social media platforms, edited the book signing and radio shows into subject based audio files, edited Radio Show Videos, wrote and generated Internet News Releases, edited photos and more. 

Image snapshot of Save Ocean Life website with Global High Seas Marine Preserve, designed and built by E.B. GO Vision Media. This is a two-home page website with over 150-pages and blog postings delivering a wealth of information in a wide array of formats and expressions. Two-thirds of the site is dedicated to the oceans and one-third to space and there at least 100 different videos sprinkled throughout articles, mission statements, biographies, adventures stories, testimonials, conservation plans, study results and more.