Linked photo of Lloyd Wright holding a copy of his book, Hepatitis C: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Health. Lloyd Wright-E.B. GO 23 Info Video Interviews from His Book, Hepatitis C: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Health, Plus His Story of Beating Hep C

Lloyd Wright’s latest book, Hepatitis C: A Do-It Yourself Guide for Health, is broken down by the most helpful natural products and compounds for battling the effects of Hepatitis C, of which the most pernicious is liver damage. Wright saved himself from the ravages of Hep C after doctors told him it was helpless and he has helped people around the world with liver trouble from many different sources.

Linked book cover image of Lloyd Wright's Hepatitis C: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Health. This set of 23 E.B. GO Health Info Videos came from a sit-down interview where all the parts of the book were talked about, then each one was edited using video clips, graphics and photos to highlight the conversation. The list of products discussed those to use and those to avoid. His own line of products, from Alternative Medicine Solutions, include some highly effective compounds such as the sophisticated Nat Cells to those used for millennia like Milk Thistle or Dandelion Root Tea 

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A Time of Enlightenment & A Study in Not Giving Up
by Lloyd Wright

Photo link of Lloyd Wright holding his books, Triumph Over Hepatitis C and Hepatitis: A Do-It-Yourself-Guide for Health.One day in 1979 I sat firmly at the controls of my bulldozer, sculpting the crest of a steep slope at my home in the Santa Monica Mountains, not far from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. Suddenly, the hydraulic reverse system failed.  Despite my frantic attempts to halt the mechanical beast, it lurched backward, flipped over on me, and tumbled down a 1,000-foot cliff after crushing me beneath its 16,000 pounds of steel.  I was in a remote area. Blood gushed from my leg. There were no houses, no buildings of any kind, for miles. Miraculously, a neighbor riding his horse saw me from a great distance and used his citizen’s band radio to call for help.

 Hepatitis: A Do-It-Yourself-Guide for HealthHe contacted the local fire tower, and a medevac helicopter whisked me away to a hospital, where a doctor told me that because of my massive crush injury I was going to die from kidney failure. During the next 30 days, I underwent nine major surgeries to reattach my leg. I also received four blood transfusions, at least one of which—unbeknownst to me or my doctors—was tainted with the deadly hepatitis C virus (HCV).

In 1991, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the Lance Armstrong disease. I was tested for hepatitis C. The results were negative. I had the disease but the test used at that time was inaccurate. A more accurate test was introduced just months later, but my doctor did not ask to retest me. He didn’t even mention that a new test was available. But, as my liver count soared, he accused me of being a hard-drinking drug-user, an accusation he had made previously when I complained of extreme fatigue and other problems.

Linked book cover of Triumph Over Hepatitis C by Lloyd Wright. I was a homebuilder, and I loved my work.  But instead of working 12-hour days, now I found I could barely work at all.  My fingernails became brittle and broke easily. My hair fell out. I had dizzy spells during the day and night sweats that soaked my bed.  My doctor told me I probably needed a good rest. Another doctor said I had too much iron in my blood and sent me to a blood bank once a week to have therapeutic phlebotomies (blood removed). Fortunately, someone at the blood bank inadvertently put my blood with the donated blood, and it was tested.

Natcell-Liver-bottlesTwo months later, I received a letter telling me I could no longer donate blood because I had hepatitis C. I called the blood bank and spoke to a technician, who told me that I could expect to die a slow, excruciating death from hepatitis C, which would manifest itself as internal bleeding, fl u-like symptoms, and hepatocellular carcinoma—primary liver cancer. He said there was no cure.

But a medical doctor told me there was a drug that supposedly could cure hepatitis C.  The doctor told me that interferon alfa-2B recombinant was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of hepatitis C. In fact, it was the only FDA-approved medication for hepatitis C.

Lactoferrin-LifeExtensionInterferon was the big drug breakthrough back then. Interferon allegedly had an 81% cure rate for hepatitis C without any serious side effects, according to the package insert. I was told to inject three million units of this drug into my body every other day.  In just one week, I turned into a monstrous beast. I was constantly enraged, hostile and violently tormented. My brain felt like it was exploding; anguish became my existence.

Often, I would find myself curled up in a fetal position. Some parts of my body were on fire, while others were ice cold. I was bedridden for days. When I reported these side effects, my doctor told me to cut the dosage in half. But after 10 more weeks of taking half doses of interferon, I was sicker than ever.  I saw many medical doctors—highly recommended experts in the field who practiced at some of the biggest and most prestigious hospitals in Los Angeles. I was shocked to discover that they were indifferent to my reaction to interferon. Instead, they were using fear to frighten patients into taking this medication.  We patients were told that we would suffer all sorts of horrendous and diabolical afflictions and die from liver cancer if we did not take this drug.

Swanson-IP6I escaped this fate by avoiding toxic materials and consuming whenever possible organic herbs, foods and supplements discussed in this book.  In desperation, I bought a computer and spent hours looking up information on the internet about hepatitis C. To my surprise, I discovered that much work with other treatments was being done in foreign countries, with positive results. But in the U.S. interferon remained the only treatment. After much research, and with the help of a few dedicated experts on alternative health, I was able to conquer hepatitis C through a diet of natural foods, supplements, Natcell thymus and a solid positive attitude. Today, I have regained my health and feel completely normal.

AMS Thymus Liver Support My triumph over hepatitis C was due to a specific program of foods and supplements. In this book, you will learn about these foods and supplements and how they are grown and processed, which in turn determine how much benefit they yield to your body. Long ago, Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), the father of medical science, insisted that nature was the healer. Hippocrates treated his patients with proper diet, herbs, fresh air, a change of climate, and attention to habits and living conditions. Understand that it is not actually the herb or supplement alone that heals you; it is your own strengthened immune system that monitors and protects your body.

It was a combination of eating the right foods, taking key supplements, and avoiding certain drugs, all vaccines (especially hepatitis A and B and the fl u shots), and many other common items often recommended to victims of hepatitis C that enabled me to beat hepatitis C. You must fuel your immune system with what it needs to do the job.  Please keep in mind that because no two people react exactly the same way to any herb or supplement, you need to become intuitive.

Lloyd Wright with Books, Triumph Over Hepatitis C and Hepatitis: A Do-It-Yourself-Guide for HealthDevelop your sensitivity to what you are ingesting. Make adjustments as necessary. You can, and must, take responsibility for your health. If you are suffering from hepatitis C, you can reclaim your health, get out of bed, get off the couch, forget about disability, and go back to work. I published my first book back in 1999. All I wanted to do was to let people know there was a better way to deal with hepatitis C than the medical community wants you to know. I had to learn how to sell books, a whole new thing for me.

But after developing a simple website to offer Triumph Over Hepatitis C, the next thing I knew, it was a bestseller and many people wanted to use my program.  Twelve years later, my original treatment is still working for people who are looking for the restoration of their health. Over the years, I learned many new things that would cover many volumes. I am including my best current information here. I hope with all my heart that this approach will do the same for you; that you, too, can Triumph Over Hepatitis C.