Photo of Father Martin Person during Baptism Ceremony at Russian Orthodox Church.Father Martin Person E.B. GO Sermon Videos at Protection of Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church, Hollywood, CA.

E.B. GO Vision Media was commissioned by Father Marin Person, then a presiding Priest at the Protection of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church in Hollywood, California, to document as many weekly sermons as possible and edit them, using pictures, graphics and clips, into inspirational and informative videos for use in various ways. The Liturgy of the Russian Orthodox Church is truly beautiful and the unchanging traditions, along with Churches rich with icons, candle stations and rich paintings, made the videos that much more interesting to create.

E.B. GO Vision Media painstakingly filmed the church during many different services celebrating Christ’s Life and Messages, with the evening Easter Service being the most beautiful and when the Church is alight with thousands of candles, and archived those to dress up his poignant and moving sermons. 

A Moving Sermon from Father Martin After He was Given Word
that His Daughter was in Full Remission from a Deadly Illness

First Sunday After Easter Doubting Thomas Sermon by Father Martin
Protection of the Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church