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E.B. GO Vision Media has been working with Expert Click for over ten years and continues to recommend all their services to clients for PR & Marketing Campaigns. Their Internet News Release Service, thru the News Release Wire online platform, gives the opportunity to generate Internet content at a reasonable cost that also allows for experimentation without breaking the budget. 

Enlargeable website snapshot of an Expert Click Press Room showing the various ways to maximize the service by hooking in social media and blog feeds to create more Internet content. An annual subscription gives one the ability to generate Internet News Releases on a daily basis and blogs can easily be hooked in to the system to automatically feed in postings to the Internet. Expert Click’s Client Social Media Press Room Page allows for client accounts to be linked to social media networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Personal or Blogs feeds that are automatically fed into the system and generated into Internet News Releases. 

Enlargeable page from Expert Click flyer about all the benefits by using their services for Internet News Releases to reach the media with your messages. Your News Releases are distributed ten ways:
1) Syndicated to Google News,
2) Pushed to Lexis.comthe leading professional search resource.

3) Shown instantly on the Expert Click front page.
4) Shown in your Press Room Page.
5) Shown in your Speaker Bureau Platform Page.
6) Shown in search on all your topics.
7) Referenced by Icons in the printed & PDF Yearbook of Experts.
8) As unique search engine optimized pages.
9) Radio for releases with audio or video..
10) With RSS feeds you can pull into your social media accounts.

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Cruising the rivers of Cambodia in Luxury While Basking in Pool & Spa by Simon Marks, Executive Editor at The Cambodia Daily and free-lance reporter for International Herald Tribune/New York Times

Enlargeable picture of New York Times-Intl. Herald Tribune article on AmaWaterways River Cruising launching new ship on Mekong River in Cambodia and Vietnam by Simon Marks. News Article
When Simon Marks saw an Internet News Release, generated by the AmaWaterways Expert Click account, he contacted E.G. GO Vision Media to see about setting up an interview with the AmaWaterways’ partners, all of whom would be on-board for the maiden voyage of the AmaLotus on the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Marks met the ship in Phnom Penh, his base in Cambodia, and got a tour while talking with founders Jimmy Murphy, Rudi Schreiner and Geoff McGearyRead a story about & the article on this site or See the story on the New York Times website.

E.B. GO Vision Media & Clients Using Expert Click & News Release Wire

Expert Click Profile Page webpage image link for Jesse Cannone, founder of The Healthy Back Institute and author of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure. Jesse Cannone, Founder of The Healthy Back Institute, author of The 7-Day Back Pain Cure, Trainer and Pain Relief Expert. 




Expert Click Profile Page webpage image link of Danny Quintana, founder of Global High Seas Marine Preserve. Danny Quintana, Founder of the Global High Seas Marine Preserve, a non-profit dedicated to saving the oceans, and author of Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex.