Expert Click Adds Content Creation with Expert Click Radio: Edited ECR Podcasts Multiply Options for Highlighting Clients

In an effort to add more options in content creation, at the heart of Expert Click’s primary News Release Wire service, the parent organization, Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. of Washington D.C., has established Expert Click Radio. The Expert Click Radio segments, produced by E.B. GO Vision Media and broadcast on a syndicated show, are tailored to highlight the best of what a client has to offer. Then the audio file is captured, edited for cleaning, posted on the ECR Sound Channel and embedded on the client’s Expert Click Press Room Page. Sound Cloud podcast embed codes, which can be posted directly to Word Press sites, are provided for use on websites or to be employed in Expert Click Internet News Releases, generated thru the News Release Wire online platform. The client also receives the podcast audio file for further use. Should it be desired, the segment can also be broken down into targeted subject based podcasts.

Website image snapshot of the Expert Click Radio Sound Channel, a show produced by E.B. GO Vision Media
Sound Cloud Channel of Expert Click Radio, A Program Produced & Edited by E.B. GO Vision Media

“It is great teaming up with Expert Click on this program, seriously, it gives their members a terrific way to create content and have it used on multiple platforms right away, then the client can grab it and run with it on their own. We want the final product to showcase the client’s expertise, products or services. Our company has been tweaking this part of PR campaigns for years, and now Expert Click members can get this PR tool on a stand-alone basis at a reasonable cost, really nice, you know I never thought of posting podcasts to the member profiles, that will be added to our campaigns from now on,” says Michael Joseph Butler, President of E.B. GO Vision Media.  

Lose the Pain Sound Cloud Channel with 200 Radio Podcasts Edited by E.B. GO Vision Media

E.B. GO Vision Media, which has edited over 1,000 radio show podcasts, has been using this multiplier effect for years.
Here is an example of the E.B. GO process: 1) The interview is broadcast on a syndicated radio show; 2) The file is then cleaned and a master file of whole program created, 3) The file is broken down into subject based podcasts, 4) They are loaded to client Sound Cloud and organized into playlists, 5) They are used to generate multiple Internet News Releases thru Expert Click, all fed thru multiple social media channels, 6) Podcasts or playlists are fed thru social media channels, 7) Podcasts are used on websites in various ways, 8) Podcasts are edited into Radio Show Videos for use on You Tube, or other streaming services, 9) Podcasts are used again and again in multiple ways.    

Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. of Washington D.C., publishes the Expert Referral website: — the site helps journalists, meeting planners and lawyers, respectively find Interview subjects, speakers for events, and expert witnesses.

To be interviewed please contact us at or 202-333-5000.

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