Equinox Profile of Erica Hepperle, Fitness Trainer & Body Builder,  by E.B. GO Vision Media: The Equinox Fitness Clubs are in a class by themselves in terms of providing an environment of allowing members to get the most of out the training experience, and this starts with the Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers who transmit their knowledge, experience and expertise in a manner which translates into positive results. This is one in a series on Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers in the Southern California area.  

New Life Body Building and Training Others Brings Redemption:
Erica Hepperle, Equinox Trainer, Hits Stride in Amazing 6-Months

Enlargeable photo of Erica Hepperle, Fitness Trainer at Equinox Fitness Club in Marina Del Rey and Professional Body Builder.In life we never know when the breaking point will come and cry out for a new mission; an accident, a lost dream revisited because of a serious illness, or when the image in the mirror and everything surrounding an existence are just plain wrong. A native of the South Bay in Los Angeles, Erica Hepperle, an intense athlete as a youngster and all the way through high school, had her epiphany in November 2015 after the job became unsatisfying and the lifestyle became problematic on a variety of levels. Currently working as a Trainer at Equinox Fitness Club in Marina Del Rey, she brings a competitive spirit, knowledge, experience and a new mission in life to clients who will benefit greatly from all those factors.  

Photo of Erica Hepperle, Fitness Trainer at Equinox Fitness in Marina Del Rey, and Pro Body Builder. The “new” Erica’s body building physique, which veers between competition type to a slightly heavier, less leaned out version, bears no resemblance to that which existed before. Even more dramatic is the complete 180-degree shift which left the “old” Erica, with all the attendant “evil” companions, far behind in the dust to be replaced with a new intensely focused and positive individual who is all about becoming the best for herself and those she trains, or advises, personally and the ones she provides with nutrition and workout game plans. This is a new life borne out of pain, sweat, deprivation, sore muscles and finding the motivation from within to continue the hard grind forward.  

After Erica Hepperle’s “oh my God, what the hell am I doing” moment, in six-months she went from a 5-foot 7-inch 190-pound pudge ball to a chiseled 140-pound, or less, raven-haired beauty whose whole persona screamed, “Hey everyone, get a load of this action!” Equipped with mesmerizing green eyes, a smile to melt gold and high-cheek bones, all on top of body that simply won’t quit, this brilliant and remarkably hyper-organized woman has become a force of nature that is equal parts athlete, trainer, healer, business woman and total inspiration.

Erica Hepperle working out at Gold's Gym, home to professional body builders from all over the world. “I simply no longer wanted to live my unhealthy lifestyle, I no longer wanted to have a life that left me feeling empty and lost. It was going to require a total break, seriously, half-measures might have kept part of me tugging back to, well, you know, stuff that is not good. When I meet old friends, it is jarring for them, and me, when we simply have nothing in common…nothing to talk about…only to say goodbye, sad but such is life,” says Erica Hepperle, 

The Equinox Culture, which encourages “Commitment to Something,” is well-suited to Erica’s current mindset. The timeline for her road to a new life closely mirrors that of this reporter’s journey to health; which started with my own epiphany in Nov. 2015, like Erica’s, and led us to meet at Equinox in Marina Del Rey after both arriving there, me as a member, in August 2017. She advised me on training techniques and stretches, answered my dopey questions and took a real interest in my progress, for that I am eternally grateful. Her own progress in gaining accolades in body building competitions has been rapid and will undoubtedly roll forward inexorably towards a successful life in the sport.   

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Redemption is no trifling matter; it means freshness; it means rebirth; it means every step is a journey to behold. For those who find Redemption, it means exiting the darkness and walking up to the broad, sunlit uplands where the air is clean, life is more worth living and positive energy is the norm.

Erica Hepperle watchwords are: “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You.” Her motto is: “Whatever goals, dreams and aspirations you may have…don’t let ANYONE stop you from getting there! And especially don’t care about what people think.”

The world just got a little better.