E.B. GO Vision Media Helped Document True Life in God’s 9th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with 100 Clergy & 700 Christians from Worldwide Visiting Jerusalem, Nazareth & Galilee

In September 2013, E.B. GO Vision Media was hired to help document an amazing Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel. This started in early 2013 when Vassula Ryden’s latest book, Heaven Is Real, But So Is Hell: An Eyewitness Account of Things to Come, came out worldwide and E.B. GO was one of seven PR firms hired to publicize the book’s release.

During the course of the book campaign, Vassula Ryden was booked on a number of radio shows and the audio was captured and E.B. GO Vision Media set about editing for cleaning the files and then breaking them down into edited subject based radio show podcasts, all which were then uploaded her Sound Cloud Channel at https://soundcloud.com/vassula-ryden-heaven-is-real-podcasts. Those were then edited into E.B. GO Radio Show Videos, 22 in all, that can be seen below. It was because of those videos, something beyond the purview of PR done during the campaign, which captured the attention of Vassula and caused her to include E.B. GO Vision Media as part of team slated to document this incredible Holy Land Pilgrimage

This was amazing trip whose effect was far beyond the imaging.  

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Following are a series of highlights from the True Life in God’s 9th Ecumenical Pilgrimage to the
Holy Land