The CEO Code Cvr 72 3.3x2.2David Rohlander The CEO Code Book E.B. GO Radio Show Videos on The CEO Code: Create a Great Company & Inspire People to Greatness With Practical Advice from an Experienced Executive 

During David Rohlander’s The CEO Code book tour E.B. GO booked him on the syndicated Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show, hosted by James Lowe, and edited the audio files for cleaning and broken targeted subject based podcasts and created a playlist on the E.B. GO Vision Media Sound Cloud Channel. Then they edited into compelling Radio Show Videos using pictures, graphics and video clips with topics like Training for Success, Art of Communication, Traits of the Highly Successful, Courageous Leaderhip and more.

A fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, first with the U.S. Navy and then the Air Force, David Rohlander flew 208 combat missions and then went on a highly successful career in business. The CEO Code contains all that wisdom distilled into easy to understand language. 

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David-RohlanderDavid Rohlander, author of the just released The CEO Code: Create a Great Company and Inspire People to Greatness With Practical Advice from an Experienced Executive, has led a highly successful and rather colorful life on the road to creating a book in which he poured all his knowledge, experience and wisdom. As a sought after speaker, mentor and executive coach, Rohlander revels in the task of lifting people beyond their own expectations and giving them the tools to elevate every aspect of their lives. The book is peppered with real life stories of well-earned failure and well-earned success, many gleaned from serving as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, a 30-year business career and experiences consulting large and small companies that involved mentoring powerful executives along with scores of middle managers.

photo“It is rare, indeed, for the author to be a living example of using his own attributes as affirmation that a successful life embraces MORE than talent. David Rohlander exemplifies those attributes and shares them with clarity and relevance in this fresh insight book.”Bob Danzig, former CEO, Hearst Newspapers, Author, Hall of Fame Speaker

Broken down into three sections, Communication, Execution and Operations, David Rohlander’s The CEO Code contains a series of questions at the end of each chapter in Take Time to Reflect pages that consist of seven questions. Each of the three sections, or Parts, consists of five chapters. Part 1, Communication, is broken down into the following chapters: Trust, Respect, Understanding, Empathy and Resolution.

The CEO Code Cvr 72 3.3x2.2Rohlander, who flew 208 combat missions as a fighter pilot over Vietnam in 1967, begins the book with Communication because it is the foundation upon which all else rests and, as he states in first lines of the book, “effective communication takes more than talent, it is an art” Building a leader requires the ability to “relate to people” and he shares his insights on “how to read people as part of the understanding required for effective leadership and communication”

Chapters for Part II, Execution, are Action, Repetition, Habits, Attitudes and Feelings, while Part III, Operations, gets into deeper waters with Teams, Delegation, Systems, Accountability, and Rewards. At the outset of Execution, Rohlander states that the “Cycle of Success is a core concept within The CEO Code” as it “explores a proven and practical formula for setting goals and how to structure them so they are positive and enabling.”

Rohlander sets the tone in terms of leadership in Part III, Operations, by likening a well-functioning company to an orchestra. First you need “quality music, then each participant must be in the same place on the score; each player of an instrument must be able and willing to play his or her part. You are the conductor of the orchestra.”