Danny Quintana’s Overcoming Adversity E.B. GO Radio Show Videos on Amazing People of Wheelchair Tennis Circuit & His Book, Overcoming Adversity: Adventures in Wheelchair Tennis

The E.B. GO Radio Show Videos which came from the Overcoming Adversity Book PR Campaign give insight into the world of championship wheelchair tennis, one populated by many top-athletes who, through accidents or illness, found themselves confined to a wheelchair but how refused to sit idle and feel sorry for themselves.  Danny Quintana’s book is the result of his interviews with all of the top wheelchair tennis players in the world over a five year period. I was also fortunate enough to interview American legend Stan Smith.

He was not only number one in the world, today he is a great instructor and manages his Smith-Sterns Tennis Academy. Danny, a championship athlete in college before being struck with transverse myelitis, an auto-immune disease, has been competing around the world decades and has also delivered wheelchairs to the disabled from Afghanistan to Thailand and many places in-between.is also about delivering wheelchairs to people with disabilities in poor countries.

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Photo of Danny Quintana on the tennis court playing wheelchair tennis, he competes around the world at the championship level and his book about the amazing people on tour.

Words of Wisdom from Danny Quintana: Success also has obligations. If life has blessed you with abundance you have a moral obligation to help others. Give something back, don’t just take. The prayer is “give us this day our daily bread.” It is not the Wall Street prayer, “give me everything and screw everyone else including the environment.”

We discuss “health” in the book as health includes a healthy environment. We take a holistic view of life. All things are connected. We are all a part of something much larger. Our common global community has made us all brothers and sisters. Be excellent to yourself and with each other. Share your blessings and endure your sorrows. The sun will still shine tomorrow.