Enlargeable photo of Angela C. Butler, who photographed the Historic Park City Photo Collection now retained by E.B. GO Vision Media. Angela C. Butler — E.B. GO Vision Media Park City Color & Black and White Main Street Photo Gallery, 1969

Main Street in Park City, Utah during the late 1960s was like looking back decades in time. It had a small theater called the Silver Wheel (The Fisherman’s Guild Playing Tue-Fri-Sat), a drug store called Poison Creek Drug with a chalkboard sign in front with Spaghetti Dinner Special for $1.50 (picture to right, click to enlarge), a Union Pacific Train Station with elevation displayed at the bottom of Main Street adjacent to the abandoned Silver King Coalition Aerial Tramway-Railroad Terminus Building (we played in the abandoned and probably dangerous structure, in picture below left I am on right side looking out the window), a small restaurant-bar called simply Oak, the Red Banjo Pizza Parlor, a stand-alone brick building with dresses in the window that was Mike’s Clothes Shop, one modern hotel, where we stayed, named Treasure Mountain Inn, one small run down Public Library, a classic closed, boarded up with broken windows, soda fountain-cafe-confectionary store called Pop Jenks, the Little Bell Boutique store and others I can only remember vaguely that were not photographed by my Mother. To request a high-res digital file place cursor over picture to get file name and send it to c@EBGOVisionMedia.com.