Enlargeable photo of Angela C. Butler, who photographed the Historic Park City Photo Collection now retained by E.B. GO Vision Media. Angela C. Butler — E.B. GO Vision Media Black & White Photo Gallery of Houses Around Park City, Utah, 1969

The photos in this gallery represent a cross section of those which existed a town which was once one of the most productive silver mines in the world, one whose innovations altered the nature of the mining industry and brought vast wealth to the state of Utah in the late 19th Century. These photographs were captured by Angela C. Butler, a professional photographer from Los Angeles, was traveled to Park City numerous times in the late 1960s in conjunction with her husband’s work for an insurance company, Albert G. Ruben, doing the business in a region about to explode with massive growth and turn Park City into a household word associated with an elite ski resort and famous film festival. To request a high-res digital file place cursor over picture to get file name and send it to c@ebgovisionmedia.com.