Angela C. Butler Black and White Photo Gallery of Main Street in Park City in 1969

Main Street in Park City, Utah during the late 1960s was like looking back decades in time. It had a small theater called the Silver Wheel (The Fisherman’s Guild Playing Tue-Fri-Sat), a drug store called Poison Creek Drug with a chalkboard sign in front with Spaghetti Dinner Special for $1.50 (picture to right, click to enlarge), a Union Pacific Train Station with elevation displayed at the bottom of Main Street adjacent to the abandoned Silver King Coalition Aerial Tramway-Railroad Terminus Building (we played in the abandoned and probably dangerous structure, in picture below left I am on right side looking out the window), a small restaurant-bar called simply Oak, the Red Banjo Pizza Parlor, a stand-alone brick building with dresses in the window that was Mike’s Clothes Shop, one modern hotel, where we stayed, named Treasure Mountain Inn, one small run down Public Library, a classic closed, boarded up with broken windows, soda fountain-cafe-confectionary store called Pop Jenks, the Little Bell Boutique store and others I can only remember vaguely that were not photographed by my Mother. To request a high-res digital file place cursor over picture to get file name and send it to