Equinox Profile of Amber McMahon, Group Fitness Manager and Multiple Class Instructor, by E.B. GO Vision Media: The Equinox Fitness Clubs are in a class by themselves in terms of providing an environment of allowing members to get the most of out the training experience, and this starts with the Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers who transmit their knowledge, experience and expertise in a manner which translates into positive results. This is one in a series on Trainers and Fitness Class Teachers in the Southern California area.  

Equinox Club Maestro is Group Fitness Manager: Amber McMahon Works Magic with Trainers, Fitness Agendas, Classes, Egos & More

Photo of the front entrance of the Equinox Fitness Club in Marina Del Rey, California.

We have all seen those acrobat performers who spin multiple plates on top of poles and keep them all going in a synchronicity and form that is lovely to watch, and rather magical and mesmerizing at that. Well, the Group Fitness Manager at Equinox Fitness in Marina Del Rey, Amber McMahon, is just like that but her tasks involve the fitness, health and well-being of members who depend on her decisions to help them survive the stress of life outside club doors.

She is responsible for hiring new teachers for group classes, making sure they are competent and can “keep their egos in-and-out of the process” enough to focus on members, re-arrange the schedule to fit a valued teacher’s schedule, bring in subs and shepherd along new concept fitness classes. Group Fitness Classes, as opposed to maybe working out alone on the training floor, offers one the ability to not have to think about what to do next, transmits knowledge and, hopefully, gets the job done. For this reporter they worked well times 100. The vast array of classes at Equinox, which Amber oversees, offers every type of exercise from Pilates to Barre Fit Cardio, from Strength Training to Dance, from Gentle to Power Yoga.

Raised in Los Angeles, McMahon has been teaching fitness classes since college and holds fitness certifications in indoor cycling with Spinning and Schwinn, group fitness and strength training through AFAA and has completed her 200-hour yoga training. With Equinox Fitness for about 11 years, starting out in sales and teaching with breaks to have two children, she has been the Group Fitness Mgr. at MDR for two-years, while also teaching Cycling, Yoga and The Cut Boxing-Martial Arts Class. This reporter has taken the latter two classes with Amber multiple times and benefited from and enjoyed them. Before joining Equinox, she was a corporate person with one-foot in the fitness world through teaching.

“I was sold on Equinox the moment I joined the Team, and when we do our jobs correctly lives are changed for the better. Getting the most from group fitness teachers means communicating how serious Equinox is about this work, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, on the other hand, without sounding too pompous…our jobs here are vital and the stakes can be high…ensuring that our members are healthy, happy and strong, and not just in the muscular sense,” says Amber McMahon.

McMahon thrives in the Equinox Culture and this diminutive bundle of energy, what this reporter would call Maestro of the House, is equal parts fitness pro, amateur psychologist, brand ambassador, group class innovator, teacher and Healer. With a disarming smile, a heart of gold and a brain like a steel trap, she needs to change perspectives multiple times just walking thru the facility as members, trainers, managers, and friends interrupt her path seeking advice, consultation, chit-chat and info. Amber is effortlessly gracious with everyone and handles the crush with a courteous aplomb that is a wonder to behold.

For example, as a new member, I noticed Amber and surmised she had something to do with class scheduling. I flagged her down, introduced myself and, weeping like a school-girl with a crush whose favorite teacher was leaving, I inquired about his status? She assured changes were being made for retention, took an interest in my fitness journey and made me feel it was important to her. That is how Amber McMahon dealt with this one pathetic member, one who found a new world of fitness and health created from her diligent efforts. I participated in 91 Equinox Group Fitness Classes, most which I had never heard of or done before, in 60-Days and it put a capper on a long-recovery and changed my life!

To not put too fine a point on it, Amber is the conduit which transmits a thousand-rays of light into the Equinox Atmosphere. Like a main cable distributing pure energy from her mind and soul, she pulls levers, scratches backs, massages egos, motivates the unmotivated, assures and calms the nervous, gives her best and demands no less from her “little chickens” and plays “Mama Bear” to a vast array of people who trust her implicitly.

Upon her shoulders rest the livelihoods and lives of many, and her small yet powerful shoulders are more than up for that responsibility day in and day out.

How lucky is Equinox to have this amazing woman and how lucky am I to have met Amber McMahon? Pretty Lucky Indeed!