Photo of AmaWaterways VP Gary Murphy.AmaWaterways River Cruise Line E.B. GO Radio Show Video of Gary Murphy Interviewed Bill Bege on Mantalk Radio Show About the Start of the River Cruise Revolution in the Travel Industry 

Gary Murphy, VP of AmaWaterways River Cruise Line, had been a frequent guest of the Mantalk Radio Show when he was with Brendan Vacations. Now he was talking river cruising with AmaWaterways, a company co-founded by his father, Jimmy Murphy, a pioneer of the modern travel industry for over 40 years. In this E.B. GO Radio Show Video Gary Murphy gives a brief overview of how the river cruise revolution started in Europe with the completion of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal which allowed cargo and passenger vessels to progress from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. From the start AmaWaterways has led the way in ship design, all-inclusive luxury amenities, themed cruises, gourmet cuisine and more.