frommerspodcastlogo 2AmaWaterways River Cruise Line E.B. GO Radio Show Video of Jimmy Murphy, Chairman & Co-Founder of AmaWaterways, Interviewed by Arthur & Pauline Frommer on the Travel Show  

Photo of a young Jimmy Murphy, a pioneer in the modern travel industry, standing before a Pan Am jet.
Jimmy Murphy

Arthur Frommer, famous for the travel guidebooks, also has a highly popular syndicated radio show, called the Travel Show, co-hosted with his daughter and broadcast in over 130 cities across the United States and online around the world. Arthur Frommer had known Jimmy Murphy from the time he founded Brendan Vacations, in the 1960s, and was more than eager to have him as a guest to talk about his new venture, AmaWaterways River Cruise Line. 

frommers2One of the pioneers of the modern travel industry, Jimmy Murphy took on the task of founding a new company at a time in his life when most have retired. Frommer was keen to know all about AmaWaterways, which, at the time of the interview, was really starting to the stride of being a leader in ship design, first class all-inclusive amenities, specialty cruises and more. At the time bikes on-board the river cruise boats was just coming into fashion and this was a topic of conversation along with many other interesting points.   

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