AmaWaterways River Cruise Line Edited Radio Show Podcasts, 219 Podcasts Edited; Sound Channel Created & Maintained by E.B. GO Vision Media 

AmaWaterways, the premier river cruise line in the travel industry, has been a trail blazer in this relatively new travel sector and has cruises throughout Europe, in Southeast Asia on the Mekong River, in Africa in conjunction with land safaris and in Myanmar on the Irrawaddy River. AmaWaterways podcasts include Ama executives, wine river cruise hosts, travel industry experts and more.

Founded in 2003 by travel industry pioneer Jimmy Murphy, modern river cruise progenitor Rudi Schreiner and travel industry veteran Kristen Karst, AmaWaterways has led the way in ship design, specialty river cruises, luxurious on board amenities, included perks and local tours; 219 Podcasts, 24 Playlists, 25,000 plays, 3,000 downloads.