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Brochure image of AmWaterways cruising in Europe in Luxury.
AmaWaterways Luxury River Cruising

E.B. GO Vision Media PR campaigns for AmaWaterways,  involving traditional and Internet PR, resulted in a number of published articles in print newspapers, such as the International Herald Tribune/New York Times and online E-zines like Family

Work for AmaWaterways also included booking company executives and Wine River Cruise hosts on radio shows, editing for cleaning the audio files, breaking them down into targeted subject based radio show podcasts, uploading them to the AmaWaterways Sound Cloud Channel and sometimes editing the podcasts into Radio Show Videos, also linked on this page

New-York-Times-Logo 72 15x7Cruising the rivers of Cambodia in Luxury While Basking in Pool & Spa by Simon Marks, Executive Editor at The Cambodia Daily and free-lance reporter for International Herald Tribune/New York Times

Enlargeable image of New York Times-Intl Herald Tribune article about AmaWaterways River Cruising launching new ship on Mekong River in Vietnam to Cambodia by Simon Marks.

News Article:
When Simon Marks saw an Internet News Release, generated by the AmaWaterways Expert Click account, he contacted E.G. GO Vision Media to see about setting up an interview with the AmaWaterways’ partners, all of whom would be on-board for the maiden voyage of the AmaLotus on the Mekong River in Cambodia.

Marks met the ship in Phnom Penh, his base in Cambodia, and got a tour while talking with founders Jimmy Murphy, Rudi Schreiner and Geoff McGearyRead a story about & the article on this site or See the story on the New York Times website.

Image snapshot link of AmaWaterways Sound Cloud Channel to E.B. GO webpage with AmaWaterways E.B. GO Edited Radio Show Podcasts.
AmaWaterways Sound Cloud Channel

Edited Radio Show Podcasts:
, the premier river cruise line in the travel industry, has been a trail blazer in this relatively new travel sector and has cruises throughout Europe, in Southeast Asia on the Mekong River, in Africa in conjunction with land safaris and in Myanmar on the Irrawaddy River. AmaWaterways podcasts include Ama executives, wine river cruise hosts, travel industry experts and more.

Founded in 2003 by travel industry pioneer Jimmy Murphy, modern river cruise progenitor Rudi Schreiner and travel industry veteran Kristen Karst, AmaWaterways has led the way in ship design, specialty river cruises, luxurious on board amenities, included perks and local tours; 219 Podcasts, 24 Playlists, 25,000 plays, 3,000 downloadsListen to AmaWaterways Podcasts…

Image snapshot link to webpage with links to four pages with AmaWateways River Cruise Line E.B. GO Radio Show Videos.Edited Radio Show Videos:
AmaWaterways River Cruise E.B. GO Radio Show Videos Links Page gives access to four pages with Jimmy and Gary Murphy as guests on Frommer’s Travel Show, the syndicated On Travel Radio Show with Elizabeth Harryman and Paul Lasley, the Travel Queen Radio Show with Jane DeGrow and Mantalk Radio Show hosted by Bill BegeSee the Videos…

Image snapshot link of E.B. GO Vision Media webpage with article Cruisin' on the River with AmaWaterways by Travel Writer Jan Ross. News Article:
Cruisin’ On the River in Europe with AmaWaterways 
by Jan Ross, travel journalist & blogger at Wanderlust Wonder, chronicles an AmaWaterways Wine River Cruise from Amsterdam to Paris on the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. Published in the African Sun Times newspaper, most of the pictures used to illustrate the article on the linked webpage were shot by Jan & Tom Ross…Read the Article…

Image snapshot link of E.B. GO Vision Media webpage with article from Irish Herald newspaper on 10th Anniversary of AmaWaterways, a company co-founded by travel industry pioneer Jimmy Murphy. News Article:
Jimmy Murphy’s AmaWaterways Celebrates 10th Anniversary
 by Michael Joseph Butler is an article published in the Irish Herald newspaper chronicles the amazing growth of AmaWaterways, the modern river cruise segment of the travel industry and the four decade career of travel industry pioneer who founded Brendan Vacations and then AmaWaterwaysRead the Article…

Image snapshot link of an E.B. GO Vision Media webpage with an article about Wine River Cruises offered by AmaWaterways by Marijo Tinlin, Editor in Chief of Family First.comNews Article + Radio Show Video:
The Most Romantic Combination–European River Cruising and Wine
article by Marijo Tinlin, Editor-in-Chief at Family, is based on interviews with Wine River Cruise host Barry Wiss, one of 320 Certified Wine Educators in the world, and Gary Murphy, VP of AmaWaterways. Also on this page is an E.B. GO Wine River Cruise Radio Show Video with Gary Murphy on the syndicated On Travel Radio Show hosted by Elizabeth Harryman and Paul Lasley…
Read the Article & See the Video…

Image snapshot link of E.B. GO Vision Media webpage with article about AmaWaterways beginning to offer African River Cruises in conjunction with land safaris in African National Parks. News Article:
River Cruise Line Comes to Africa: AmaWaterways Launches African Safaris and Wildlife River Cruises on Zambezi Queen was published in the African Sun Times newspaper and gives a look at African River Cruises on the Chobe River, offered in conjunction with land safari packages in the African National Parks, being launched by AmaWaterways. The luxurious Zambezi Queen is “your floating hotel” on the rivers as herds of wildlife are seen through massive bay winds around the boat…
Read the Article…

Image snapshot link to E.B. GO Vision Media webpage with an article about AmaWaterways European River Cruises actually being a terrific multi-generational family vacation. News Article:
AmaWaterways River Cruising Vacations Offers Families the Trip of a Lifetime 
by Marijo Tinlin, Editor-in-Chief at Family and author of Raising an American Patriot, is based on an interview with Gary Murphy, AmaWaterways VP, that brings to light how river cruising, which trends towards an older demographic, offers a terrific vacation for multi-generational families. In contrast to some vacations, where participants are off to their own thing, the intimate environment on the relatively small river cruise boats brings families together for hours on end while en-route to the next destinations…Read the Article…