Albert Tours & Transport’s Based on Moorea, Tahiti
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Albert Tours Snapshot of website. This is a major family operation and all the kids and grand kids from Albert, whose father came to Tahiti from Zurich, Switzerland in 1925, are involved in politics and business. Albert Transport is a family-run business. Originally from Zürich, Switzerland, Albert’s father arrived in Moorea in 1925. Because he felt he discovered paradise on earth he decided to move here as a farmer and fisherman, living exactly the way Polynesians do. Albert was born in 1939. He started work at a very young age, doing different jobs on Tahiti and Moorea until 1961.

Staff of Albert Tours on Moorea in Tahiti, the oldest tour company on the island. At that time, he had saved enough money to purchase a second hand “4L” which he used as a taxi. His hard work helped him acquire a better car later on, followed by an old bus. This started the story of Albert Transport, who received an International Award for Best Excursions in 1999. Albert then built a small hotel called Motel Albert, still open today. All of Albert’s extended family (12 children and 19 grand-children) now play a major role in the local economy. As they grew up, Albert’s children have worked in various tourism activities: Taxi, scooter rentals, car rentals, excursions on land and on the sea, as well as in pearl farming. 

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