Equinox basic logo with link to Equinox website. Equinox Trainer & Fitness Class Teacher Profiles by E.B. GO Vision Media. On the page linked below are pathways to a number of profiles of the special individuals who work for Equinox Fitness Clubs in the Southern California area. The Equinox Culture focuses on providing the best of everything to make their trainers knowledgeable and well-versed in transmitting that to their clients. In the experience of interviewing and dealing with many of these individuals, it became obvious they are not only fitness pros but Healers as well…Read the Stories… 

Expert Click Radio is from Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. of Washington D.C. We publish the Expert Referral website: www.ExpertClick.com — the site helps journalists, meeting planners and lawyers, respectively find Interview subjects, speakers for events, and expert witnesses. 

Image website snapshot of Expert Click Radio Sound Cloud Channel, a show and program produced by E.B. GO Vision Media. Expert Click Radio is produced by of E.B. GO Vision Media. Following a pre-interview consultation, a set of questions will be created, which will be followed by the radio show host, so that the end results showcase the most vital aspects of the client’s expertise, products and/or services. Then the segment is edited for cleaning, uploaded to the ECR Sound Cloud Channel and posted to the client’s Expert Click Profile Page. Should it be desired, the segment can also be broken down into targeted subject based podcasts.

Image snapshot of Expert Click Radio Press Room page at Expert Click.com, a show and program produced by E.B. GO Vision Media.
Expert Click Radio Press Room at Expert Click

Embed codes for each segment are provided so the podcast can be posted to websites or employed in Expert Click Internet News Releases. Podcast embed codes from Sound Cloud can be posted directly to Word Press sites in Text Editor, but make sure to put the code on its own line in your or page or post. Other services, such as writing and generating news releases, with or without podcasts embedded, creating and managing a client’s own Sound Cloud Channel or tutoring on how to utilize the Expert Click system to maximum effect, are also offered by E.B. GO Vision Media. Contact ECR at Mitchell.Davis@ExpertClick.com or 202-333-5000.

Winds of Freedom Foundation Website 

E.B. GO Vision Media has been working closely with Winds of Freedom Foundation creator, Alex Ayzin, in the re-branding, which included building a new website, of his message of encouraging people worldwide to join peace movements through the showing his Winds of Freedom Symphonic Multimedia Presentation.

In response to the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown in 1986, in his Ukrainian homeland, and the years leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a country whom his family served for three generations in the Soviet Navy, Azyin conceived of and helped create Winds of Freedom, a full-length symphony written by classically trained Russian composer Emilian Sichkin. The updated multimedia event is truly inspirational and, in our tumultuous times, needs to be viewed by millions worldwide.  

E.B. GO Vision Media Tahiti Video Feeding & Petting Stingrays with Sharks Circling: Filmed and edited by E.B. GO, this 10-minute video is the first part of the Lagoon Motu Picnic on Moorea in Tahiti petting and feeding stingrays in the shallow waters while Black Tipped Reef Sharks circle about looking for scraps of chum. Some of the sharks are pretty big and they are in close proximity, as the video, to people unaware of their presence. E.B. GO wrote and got an an article published about the whole Lagoon Motu Picnic from Albert Tours that was published in the African Sun Times….Read the Article…


Global High Seas Marine Preserve, Dedicated to Saving the Oceans & Marine Life: Danny Quintana’s latest book, Space & Ocean Exploration: The Alternative to the Military-Industrial Complex, gave rise to a non-profit which seeks to ban industrial fishing from international waters in an effort to save the major fisheries from collapse. Part of the campaign involves promoting sustainable seafood sources so consumers can assert their will and join the fight to save the oceans. Below is E.B. GO Vision Media Radio Show & Podcast Playlist for GHMSP edited for the campaign. (Click Grid Top Left of Screen for Pop-Out Menu). 

ang0003ang0002Angela C. Butler Park City Historic 1960s Photo Collection: During a series of summer vacation trips in the late 1960s, noted photographer Angela C. Butler documented in high-quality 2 1/4 black and white much of the town and, importantly, the famous Silver King Coalition Building. Park City was just starting the path towards becoming the famous place the world knows today. Below are links to the story of how the collection came to be and four galleries. Each gallery page has enlargeable photos with watermarks, hover the cursor over the pic and send the name to c@EBGOVisionMedia.com to receive a high-res file of that photo to be used however you see fit. If possible we ask for attribution as from the Angela C. Butler Park City Collection.
1) Creation of Angela C. Butler Park City Collection & Her Son’s First Trip to Park City with a Young Dana Williams, Future Mayor of Park City 2002-13, and Their Run in With the Law
2) Overview Gallery, Color and Black & White from Slides and Prints
3) Silver King Coalition Landmark & Logo Building, 2  1/4 B & W and Color Slides
4) Houses of Park City, 2 1/4 B & W
5) Park City Main Street, 2 1/4 B & W and 35 mm Color Slides

The CEO Code book image link to Radio Show Video Main and Links page on E.B. GO Vision Media company website. E.B. GO Vision Media Author Radio Show Video of David Rohlander, Author of The CEO Code, Talking about Creative and Courageous Making on James Lowe Radio ShowE.B. GO Author Radio Show Videos: One way E.B. GO Vision Media promotes authors by editing their radio shows audio files them into in to targeted podcasts, see above, and folding them into Radio Show Videos using graphics, pictures and clips to create another promotional tool for use in various ways on different Internet PR platforms. For example, in social media, embedded in Internet News Releases, email marketing blasts, blog posts, and more. This video with author David Rohlander shows how a targeted message is delivered effectively through this technique…See More…

Sound cloud logo with RSS Feed logo banner for link to E.B. GO Vision Media Editing and Targeted podcast main and links webpage. E.B. GO Vision Media Edited and Targeted Radio Show Podcasts: For a number of years E.B. GO has been editing client radio shows, their own or as guests, into subject based and targeted audio podcasts which are then organized into playlists on client Sound Cloud Channels and employed on various platforms for Internet PR in an effort to expand client visibility. Each show is cleaned up, cut into short subject based podcasts, organized into playlists, showcased on websites, fed thru social media outlets, employed in Internet News Releases, used in E-Mail Marketing Campaigns and in other tactical Internet enterprises…Read More…

A shallow off the corner of Moorea, Tahiti with petting stingrays, parasailing, swimming with sharks, snorkeling and more. E.B. GO Vision Media Travel PR and Travel Radio Show VideosSince 2007 E.B. GO has been promoting destinations for tour operators, tourist boards, and travel agencies. Over 200 edited river cruise radio show podcasts on the AmaWaterways Sound Cloud Channel and articles, radio show and excursion videos plus more will be found on this site. The Travel PR Main and Links Page goes to pages with articles secured or written and secured by E.B. GO for publication along with travel excursion and E.B. GO Radio Show Travel Videos about river cruising around the world and vacationing in Tahiti. The Radio Show Video Main and Links Page goes to travel and client radio show videos…See More…

Book cover of Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles' Serial Killers Alive by Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., which should be make into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon. E.B. GO Vision Media News Radio Show Video with Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. on KXL, Portland with Molly Paige on Orlando Killings, Mass & Serial Killers & Media in Their Mind’s—E.B. GO Serial Killer Book to Movie: Get up close and personal with Serial Killers and hardened criminals with Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., author of Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles’ Serial Killers Alive, as she interacts with sexual predators and serial killers with the task of keeping them alive till their trials. The three-year ordeal, 1979-82, is a sure fire story for a chilling and scary movie as Vonda suffers psychologically from dealing with unfeeling and vicious predators like Freeway Killer William Bonin, Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi, Sunset Strip Slayer Douglas Clark and others. She also had sessions with porn king John Holmes, being held in L.A. Men’s Central Jail in connection with Wonderland Murders, but he was an Altar Boy compared with the others….Read More…

Mickey and Princess Red find something really funny to laugh at. Princess Red and a young Mickey hamming it up for the camera. Princess Red and Mickey Show by E.B. GO Vision Media: Since 2008, when Princess Red was born, E.B. GO has been tasked with helping to document, edit, showcase and archive the video and still picture archives of Princess Red and Mickey, her younger brother, from birth till the present day. Now eight and six years old, major chunks of the archive is now going online, roughly in chronological order but not always. Hundreds of hours of video tape and thousands of photographs are being readied for use in various ways to showcase these funny and unique children. Check the You Tube Channel or the Princess Red and Mickey Page on this site.

Book cover of Sammy Davis, jr. Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr., which should be made into a Sammy Davis Bio-Pic. Books to Movies: Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr.: This book is the story of Sammy and Arthur’s exceptionally close relationship from 1949 to about 1975. While their bond was never completely severed, during the 25-years when they forged their brotherhood like friendship Sammy went from a player with the Will Mastin Trio to an international superstar beloved by millions who broken color barriers well before the Civil Rights Movement. No one knew Sammy as well as Arthur and his love and respect for him comes through in the book and interviews. When Sammy was in trouble with the Mob over Kim Novak, Arthur was at risk too; when Sammy took a risk by forcing his way into Vegas Casinos and Hotels, Arthur’s neck was on the chopping block too…Read More…